My War by Black Flag Album review


Okay tonight is the first time I’m listening to the punk rock band “Black Flag” for the first time.

Their debut album “My War” from 1983.  Let me begin by saying I’ve become a huge fan of Henry Rollins as of late.  Mainly through podcasts and other interviews.  This is my first experience with his music.  At first listen, I recognize the extreme power of this band.  Talk about in your face, these guys were definitely that.  Not polished, but obviously talented in their field.  Again, I’m the farthest thing from a punk rock expert.  The band is really tight.  From my understanding, the guitarist Greg Ginn wrote the majority of the songs on this album.  It’s pretty impressive when the singer, isn’t the chief songwriter in the group.  I really love the drums on this album.  Bill Stevenson was obviously on point when it came to playing the drum parts and also the recording sounds so real.  However, the drums were recorded is perfect for the sound of this band.  Someone on board was a master a microphone placing.  A lot of times heavy music like this doesn’t sound “live” on the album, but these guys really captured the sound of the band.  “Swingin Man” left me confused and wondering what just happened, which was probably the intent.  The songwriting wasn’t earth shattering, but very virile.  Rollins really was a perfect fight for this band.  Anger and angst personified.  I had a real problem with some of the guitar work.  I just couldn’t get lost in the songs due to the tone of the guitar.  The rhythm work was great, but the lead solo breaks were hard to listen to.  Maybe that’s what Ginn was intending.  Dale Nixon really shined on “Three Nights.”  Excellent bass guitar work on that song.  All in all,  this is not my kind of music.  So don’t take offense when I say I’ll probably never listen to this album again.  Maybe punk rock, isn’t my jam.  That being said if want to try something different,  take a listen.  The album definitely doesn’t sound dated.  I would’ve never guessed this album was recorded in 1983.  Very ahead of it’s time,  just not my style.