Marvin Gaye What's Goin On Review

  So, I have a bit of a guilty conscience.  Tonight is the first time I listened to the classic Marvin Gaye album “What’s Goin On.”  I’ve heard the hits, but it’s a different experience to listen to the album in it’s entirety.   First off, much respect to Marvin for having a hand in writing every song on the album.  The composition of the songs are so beautiful.  Layers upon layers create a texture that fits perfectly with Marvin’s voice.  “Save The Children” is such an amazing song.  It captures a worried man pouring his heart out about the future of the children of his community.  The bass guitar on this record is top notch.  Kudos to James Jamerson for his contribution to this album.  The subject matter of this album is heavy, but Marvin really made you feel comfortable while listening.  Although, Gaye sounds troubled he doesn’t convey his concerns in an angry tone.  Considering this album was recorded in 1971, it’s truly mind blowing how much better it sounds that today’s top 40 music.  “Wholy Holy” is such a heavy and beautifully recorded song.  I can’t even convey how pure Marvin’s voice sounds on this album.  No wonder this album is legendary.  I feel like a idiot for never listening to it until now.  “Make me wanna holler and throw up my hands.”