Labor Day 2018

September 3, 2018

Josh Porter

The Hillbilly Luchadore Podcast


Dear Friends And Neighbors,

  Well, I just had a minor anxiety attack.  I thought my record player had stopped working.  Fortunately,  I had my headphones plugged into the line in jack, which apparently stops the turntable from turning.  Wow, that would have been a bummer.  Anyway, happy Labor Day good people.  Eric and I had a pretty successful session yesterday.  When you really want a quality recording, the process cannot be rushed.  I felt like we really put the time and effort into this session.  Now I just hope I can do it justice by mixing the recordings correctly.  Labor Day is kind of a strange holiday.  As Americans and Canadians, we celebrate the fruits of our labors by not working.  Which I find ironic.  Something about Labor Day weekend makes BBQ tastes even better than usual.  We had Moe’s Original BBQ in Trussville last night and it was top notch.  I picked up some CDs Saturday at the public library.  I know I’m a musical hoarder/junkie, but it’s a great way to check out albums that I might not buy any other time.  The library is a superb resource that I feel the general public neglects to utilize.  Anyway, I try to checkout at least 5 Cds per week and rip them to my laptop.  On weeks when I don’t have a set subject for the podcast, I think I’m gonna start discussing those albums.  This week I have Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On,” Jackson 5 “The Ultimate Collection,” R.L. Burnside “Mississippi Hill Country Blues,”  Bruce Springsteen “Born To Run,”and Black Flag “My War.”  Speaking of Black Flag,  I’ve went back and listened to the podcast that Ari Shaffir did with Henry Rollins recorded back in 2016 three times in the last week.  The show is called “Skeptic Tank” and the episode is entitled “All That Wander Are Not Lost.”  Skip the first and last 20 minutes.  Ari blabbers on too much in the intro and outro,  but the body of the podcast is unforgettable.  Henry shares his knowledge of world travel and I find it fascinating.  I finally rode my bike today for the first time in over a week.  I really can’t function fully without some form of cardio exercise.  I really feel like it’s a natural anti depressant.  Anyway, Happy Labor Day and do yourself a favor… go listen to Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers “Refugee” at high volume.  It does great things for your soul.  Peace Out

Sincerely yours,