2017 WWE Money In The Bank Full Show Fan Review

Money in the bank 2017

First off, I watched this show from beginning to end and found myself just hoping it would get better.  My wife actually watched this entire show with me as well.  She pretty much was left with the same feeling I had after it was over.  This show was about one word "f*ckery."  The fashion police and Naomi were the only two baby face wrestlers to come out of their matches in victory.  Although,  the women's MITB match was very entertaining, the finish was horrible.  Carmella needed the win, but she's far from ready to be the next women's champion.  I really don't understand why Charlotte has lost her push.  She's by far the best female wrestler on Smackdown.  Tamina Snuka put on a great performance in this match and if given the chance could be a big time attraction in the women's division.  The crowd was really into the match, but the finish really took the air out of the arena.  

  Then we had Naomi vs a very "green" Lana.  Naomi is really becoming a fun wrestler to watch.  This match was subpar, mainly due to Lana's lack of experience. Way too much screaming and diva like wrestling style from Lana.  👎🏻👎🏻

 The New Day vs The Usos for the tag team championship was a great match with a lack luster finish.  The Usos have really stepped it up a notch since turning heel. The New Day as characters are just not my forte, but when the bell rings the guys deliver.  After a long match of back and forth action,  The Usos just walked out. Took the count out loss and retained the tag titles.  Aren't PPV shows supposed to resolve issues?  👌🏻

 Mike Bennett and Maria debuted in what could and should have been a great moment,  WWE really screwed the pooch on this angle.  The gimmick is that he's taken her last name and they're both excited to share their love story with the WWE universe.  What a joke, especially considering how talented these two are.  

Next Randy Orton tried to regain the WWE championship from Jinder Mahal.  Randy was the hometown boy and even had some legends, including his Dad and Ric Flair on the front row.  Unfortunately, this match was pretty much a carbon copy of the first meeting between the two and the Sing Brothers cost Orton the match again.  Jinder is one of the few wrestlers in WWE today that has a finishing move that actually finishes his opponents after hitting it once... I guess that's a plus for wrestling psychology.  I don't know where Orton goes from here.  👌🏻

  In the next match , the fashion police defeat The Ascension.  Too silly to even go into.  👎🏻👎🏻

 Finally, the MITB match.  The crowd never really recovered from the "f*ckery" of James Ellsworth in the first match.  Although,  it looked as if they were waking up with A.J. Styles coming out first.  The next too last competitor was Nakamura, who probably got the loudest ovation of the night before he was immediately attacked by Baron Corbin from behind nonetheless.  Nakamura was taken to the back by officials and "medical" personnel.  The air was taken out of the arena once again. The crowd popped from time to time for some of the crazy ladder spots,  but didn't really fire back up until Nakamura returned at the end of the match. Nakamura took out pretty much everyone and then came face to face with Styles for the moment of the night.  The two battled back and forth... until the "f*ckery" returned and Baron Corbin tossed both Styles and Nakamura off the ladder.  Baron Corbin wins the MITB contract and the St. Louis crowd mercifully is able to leave this horrendous event.  It was one of the worst PPVs I've seen in recent memory.  I just hope that Styles and Nakamura are allowed the chance to complete one on one in the WWE. 👎🏻👎🏻