Eric Clapton Unplugged

First off, let me start by saying I've been a huge fan of Eric Clapton's music for over twenty years. The first complete album I remember purchasing and listening to from beginning to end was "Unplugged."  The album was recorded live for a popular MTV series in the early 90's.  Clapton by this time was a guitar playing rock/blues legend.  He truly had nothing to prove with this release. As a matter of fact, most people thought that Clapton's best days were behind him.  No one was expecting the album to be a commercial success.  As he had done many times before,  Clapton proved everyone wrong.  The album officially brought Clapton back as a main stream artist.  In a very different way I might add.  Clapton had adopted an 80's rock sound such as synthesized drums and other heavily effects driven backing tracks, but by the time the 90's rolled around those sounds were all but gone.  So he decided to go in a completely different direction, as he done many times throughout his career.  For the show, he played a 000 Martin acoustic guitar, a Fender nylon string guitar, and a Dobro on the album.  His signature Stratocaster was no where to be found.  The backing band was tight.  Clapton seemed focused and very energized to play a type of music he truly loved, raw acoustic blues.  As a result,  the fans were treated to one of the greatest comeback albums of all time.  The album is also still one of my favorite's.  I downloaded the "Deluxe" edition last month on iTunes.   For some reason I've been obsessed with the song "Alberta."  It was originally recorded back in the 70's for the "Slowhand" album.  It's just a masterful old time blues song.  There are many stand out tracks on the "Unplugged" album.  "Tears In Heaven" was by far the biggest hit.  A refreshing completely different of the classic "Layla" was also critically acclaimed.   "Running On Faith" is by far one of the most beautiful slide acoustic songs that Clapton has ever recorded.  "Old Love" was performed with unbelievable emotion in an acoustic live environment.  The album finishes with a rowdy, foot stompin' version of the blues classic "Rollin and Tumblin."  My final analysis is that this album is a must listen for any music fan, not just the Clapton faithful such as myself.