Father's Day 2016

My views on Father's Day have always come from the perspective of a son.  I don't have children of my own, so it's always been about celebrating the contributions of my dad and my grandfather.  Both have made a huge impact on the man that I am today.  As of Father's Day 2014, the meaning of the holiday became bittersweet for me.  That day was the last time I spoke to my grandfather, or as I call him "PaPaw."  I vividly remember the conversation.  I had called my dad to wish him "Happy Father's Day" and he just happened to be at my grandparents house.  They were shelling peas...yes we are really that "country."  Anyway, the conversation was short.  I remember ending with the words "I'll be coming to see ya'll soon."  Then he said "that'll be good."  I hadn't seen my grandparents in person since Christmas of 2013.  For six months, I was too busy or at least that was my excuse for not taking time to go see them.  July 1st 2014, my grandparents had a terrible car accident and my "PaPaw" passed away on impact.  My grandmother would live 40 days after the accident.  It's cliche, but don't pass up the opportunity to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you.