Podcast August 2019 A serious search that never ends.

Some of the topics I cover on this episode of my podcast are:

2019 Reading Challenge

Stephen King “On Writing”

Dennis Johnson “Nobody Move”

Hal Crowther “Freedom Fighters And Hellraisers”

“Cathedrals of Kudzu”

My history and thoughts on alcoholism.

My thoughts on capitalism and technology.

The overuse of social media and the psychological effects of violence in movies and television. The concept of vanishing small town areas in the south and the effects of our interstate system here in America.

Anne Braden

Will Campbell and my thoughts on televangelists.

Doc Watson’s musical legacy.

My 37th birthday and my new liquor selections/gifts. The concept of tending to your own garden and my thoughts on gardening. I also touch on my piano playing skills or lack there of. Also, my thoughts Bob Lazaar, drones, UFOs, and the Epstein suicide.

Twitter trending topics

And last my discovery of the album “Scraps” by the band NRBQ from the year 1972.

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